94% of Argos customers would recommend Vorticity to a friend

06/08/2012 | Posted in Floor Care, Household Cleaning

Customers that have bought the Vorticity vacuum cleaner from Argos have been unanimous in their enthusiasm for the product and  94% of them would recommend it to a friend.

Denise from Devon, who gave the cleaner 5 out of 5 stars, said:

“This is an amazing vacuum cleaner. My old one had a short lead and would lose suction really quickly. This one has a very long lead, so I don’t need to keep changing plugs and the suction power is fantastic. It’s really easy to empty it and clean the filter. It’s a little bit weighty, but the ‘roller ball’ wheels make it really easy to pull around.

I went to the Morphy Richards website where you can watch videos about how everything works – it helped me decide to buy this product – and I’m so glad I did!!! I would highly recommend buying this vacuum and I would certainly buy one again.”

Mere Male from Sussex was equally impressed:

“First impressions are very good after less than a month of use. Suction is superb and the ability to remove dirt from both tiled floors and carpets, including the stairs, is most effective. It appears to be essential to keep the cleaning head flat on the floor for optimum results. The filter is extremely easy to clean and emptying out the dust collected is a doddle.
We purchased this to replace an extremely expensive, internationally acclaimed up-right cleaner which, whilst a “Rolls Royce” of cleaners, has proven much too heavy for general use in our pretty basic semi-detached house and so far we are delighted.”

Unique Lady from London much prefers the Vorticity to her previous machine:

“I brought this to replace my Dyson which had finally packed up after a lot of years serv ice. This model was on offer and I decided to take the risk….I will not be buying Dyson again, this is quieter, more efficient at cleaning on both my wooden and carpeted floors and half the weight to move around. An excellent purchase and would recommend.”

If you would like to explore the Vorticity in more detail, visit the product website here

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