ATOMiST Vapour Iron - Was £249.99 Now £119.99

Always limescale free

The patented Vapour Mist means you never ever heat any water, so you do not have the same problems with limescale - it is maintenance free.

Lighter ironing

The Atomist is lightweight and up to half the weight of an iron. That's because water is stored in the base and not on the iron for a more comfortable ironing experience.

Quieter ironing

The Atomist is one of the quietest irons in the market especially when compared to a steam generator. Be able to listen to the TV or just enjoy the peace and quiet whilst you iron.

Iron for longer

As there is no issue with limescale the removable water tank can be filled straight from the tap, the iron uses 80 per cent less water and gives up to 2 hours continuous ironing time.

ATOMiST vapour iron

Vapour mist
This patented technology makes ironing easy and gives your clothes a superior finish without the need for steam, using 75% less energy
Precision vapour mist trigger
Simply press and hold to activate the mist that penetrates deep into the fibres to remove creases with ease
Thermoglass soleplate
This patented technology means the iron heats up quickly and the impact resistant ceramic glass lets you see the creases disappear as you iron
Precision temperature control
One-touch heat selection lets you select the right temperature for your clothes with ease
Limescale free
The patented vapour mist technology means no more limescale build up and no need for cartridges
Removable water tank
Easy to fill straight from the tap, the iron uses 80% less water and gives you up to 2 hours continuous ironing time
A better experience
The vapour mist system is surprisingly quiet and doesn’t create the humidity like steam irons can
Ergonomic design
The lightweight iron can rest on its heel or be replaced on the heat-safe base whilst ironing. The base is easy to carry and keeps the cable tidy for storage

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